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Finding Light in a Dark World

Who am I? I'm Agnès, a reader, a dreamer, a writer, and daughter of the One True King. I'm someone who has seen but a glimpse of the heartache in the world, and I'm someone who has seen a glimpse of the peace.

What is this? This is the Rainy Day Writer, a blog devoted to snippets (that may or may not make a series), book reviews, and writing thoughts. You can expect new posts every Tuesday, with occasional posts on Thursdays. If you like my content, you can subscribe to my newsletter to receive bi-weekly updates from the blog (not to mention writing tips!).



Who I am

A. K. Cromwell has been imagining for as long as she can remember. Fast forward until April of 2022, and that turned into writing. She is a child of God, and she is blessed by His mercy and love towards her every day (seriously, she messes up a lot). She also enjoys reading and math, and almost everything that will engage her.

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